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I wanted to say Thank you...

“Even though I know the worst is probably yet to come, I wanted to say Thank you. It is funny, the ebb and flow of life and the direction it takes. After 6 long years of this relationship all it took was one caring smile, one compassionate face, one stranger saying –you are worth more-to tip the balance so drastically that I knew-KNEW with certainty  that the words she spoke were true, that yes, I am indeed worth more than this. That, I think, is the beauty of women. Women are powerful creatures with compassionate souls by nature I believe, and a group of caring compassionate women is a force to be reckoned with-evident everyday by the work that you do for others. Words seem trivial and small in this instance, it is often hard to express the feelings of the heart. Thank you for being the light in the dark, one of which I am sure I will need in the coming weeks. I cannot adequately express my gratitude.”

- June J.