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Feel Better About the World by Making a Difference Right Here in Ozaukee County

To the editor:

In this time, when there is so much anger, fear and divisiveness in our country and in our world, it can be diffIcult to see the positive. We can get caught up in the negativity, the violence and the hate. It is all we see when we turn on the television or log in to our computer - people arguing, verbally and physically; people being beaten or killed; negative, hurtful comments on social media; people lashing out at one another.

We, the undersigned, share a common goal of supporting the residents of Ozaukee County, specifIcally those who are struggling to access resources that many of us take for granted such as transportation, food, counseling, positive role models and support during difficult times. We believe that there is good in the world, in the country, even right here in Ozaukee County, and YOU can be a part of it.

If you are feeling frustrated with the negativity in our political climate, or if you feel sad or angry about the violence in our world or about the disrespectful way in which many people interact, consider helping people right here in your community. Consider volunteering to drive a senior to her doctor appoiniment. Consider working with kids who are dealing with divorce or death in their family. Consider being a mentor to a local child who could use a positive role model in his or her life. Consider lending your expertise and knowledge in the areas of technology, marketing or business to a local nonprofit who carefully watches every penny. Consider donating equipment, supplies or money. Seeing the smiling, grateful faces of those you have helped will remind you that there IS good. There IS love and hope, but you have to help create it. You might not be able to allevlate all of the pain and anger in the world, but you can help a child, a family, a senior, a person right here in our community who needs you. You truly can make a difference.

Lisa Holtebeck, Ozaukee Family Services; Barb Fischer, Advocates of Ozaukee, Nicole Bulow, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Ozaukee; Shea Halula, Starting Point of Ozaukee; Julie Hoover, Family Sharing of Ozaukee County; Cecile Duhnke, COPE Services; Brenda Peterson, Volunteer Center of Ozaukee; Carole Stuebe, Portal inc; Renie Rathke, Family Enrichment Center.