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Wish List for August


Brand New Kitchen Items

  • Glass Dish Sets (2-3 sets)
  • Plastic Children's Dish Set (1)
  • Utensil Sets (2-3 sets)
  • Baking Sheets (3-5) a nd Pizza Pans (1-2)
  • Muffin Pans (1-3)
  • Pizza Cutter 
  • Strainer
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Pot
  • Drying Dish Rack
  • Sponges

Cleaning Supplies

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Bleach
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Qt. & Gal. Food Storage Bags 
  • Dishsoap
  • Multipurpose & Window Cleaner
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Brushes
  • Handsoap

If you are able to help, please contact our Associate Director.

262-284-3577, ext. 2



Advocates of Ozaukee operates a shelter for individuals seeking a temporary safe haven from situations of domestic and/or sexual violence. We greatly appreciate both your concern and your support for this cause. Below is a list of Advocates' needs and wishes. A donation of any of these items would be greatly appreciated. If you have anything you would like to donate that is not on this listing, please call us to see if it is something we can use.

Each month we have a list that 'rotates' - however, we have a list of general items we can use all the time:

  • Gift cards to local stores (For example: Meijer, Piggly Wiggly, Pick N' Save, Walmart, ShopKo, Target)
  • Urgent Need: Shared Ride Taxi vouchers (How? Click here!)
  • Gift cards to local restaurants (For example: Cousins)
  • Gift cards to local theaters (For example: Marcus Theaters)
  • Gift cards to local gas stations (For examples: Exxon Mobile, Citgo)

Also note, beyond our MONTHLY items below, we have an urgent need for Shared Ride Taxi Vouchers. To learn more, click here.

For donation questions or to schedule a pick up, please contact us:

262-284-3577, ext. 2


Year Long Donation Wish List

Month Items Needed
January White twin sheets, white bath towels and washcloths, pillows
February Cleaning Supplies
March Paper products, diapers and wipes
April Pantry items
May First Aid supplies (new and unopened)
June Toiletries/Personal care items (new, unopened, no travel size)
July White twin sheets, white bath towels and washcloths, pillows
August Cleaning Supplies
September Paper products, diapers and wipes
October Pantry items
November Holiday Gift Shop items
December Toiletries/Personal care items (new, unopened, no travel size)
All Year Gift cards to local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, hair salons, gas cards and Shared Ride Taxi vouchers.