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Are you in Danger?

Does the person you love...

  • Track all your time?
  • Discourage other relationships?
  • Humiliate you in front of others?
  • Have extreme mood changes?
  • Anger easily when using alcohol or drugs?
  • Accuse you of being unfaithful?

Has the person you love ever...

  • Struck or slapped you?
  • Threatened you with an object or weapon?
  • Given you visible injuries?
  • Been violent towards your children or pets?
  • Forced you to have sex against your will?

Your partner may offer, or may be advised, to seek the help of a therapist or counselor. We advise you make plans for your own protection, independent of any counseling he/she may receive. If you want to give him/her or the relationship another chance, we suggest you do so only after you see a lasting change in his/her behavior.

You should consider that:

  • Abuse usually gets worse unless some action is taken to stop the violence
  • It may take up to one year or more of committed work on the abuser's part to change his/her abusive behavior.
  • Any treatment for drug or alcohol abuse should also include treatment for violent and abusive behavior and protection for the victim.
  • Emotional and sexual abuse must also be dealt with in counseling for abusers.
  • It is often best that partners live separately while the abuser works on his/her violent behavior.
  • Consider the effect on your children of living with violence in your home. They may also need counseling.
  • There is no guarantee that counseling will stop the abuse.