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Zoey Helps w/ Tuesday Evening Support Groups for Those Affected by Abuse

For a nearly a full school year, we have partnered with Concordia's Zoey Comfort Dog. She has joined both our adult and our children's support group on Tuesday nights, offering a calm and caring presence. Through the months of this partnership, we have seen amazing connections and healing come from her presence. We wanted to say thank you for your dedication to serving others in so many different ways, Zoey. The great part, too, is that we have gotten to know some of Zoey's wonderful handlers along the way. We wanted to say thank you for your wonderful presence in our groups as well- you are all truly appreciated. For more information on our weekly Tuesday evening support groups for adults and children impacted by domestic and sexual abuse call our hotline at 262-284-3577 or 1-877-375-4034.