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For Sexual Assaults

  • Go to a safe place. Call someone you trust for support. Advocates of Ozaukee is available 24 hours a day.
  • Help preserve evidence. Don't change anything about the scene where the assault occurred. Don't wash any part of your body, comb your hair or change your clothes.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. A medical examination is important to detect injury and for possible protection against a sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy.
  • Think about reporting the assault to the police. Telling the police does not mean that you have to prosecute (go to trial.)
  • If you want to prosecute, it is essential to have a rape exam at a hospital emergency room soon after the assault. To increase your options later, this exam is recommended, even if you are unsure about prosecution.
  • Following a sexual assault, you may feel shock, embarassment, shame, guilt, disbelief, anger, anxiety or nothing at all. These are all normal reactions to a violent crime.
  • Remember, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!
  • Sometimes months or even years after an assault, survivors may experience feelings they had immediately following the attack. Counseling or support groups may help at these times.
  • You may be eligible for compensation of medical costs or losses incurred as a result of a sexual assault. In order to receive assistance, you must report the assault to law enforcement personnel within 48 hours and you must file a claim within one year.
  • Decisions made after a sexual assault are difficult; there are no right answers, only what is right for you.

Get the support you deserve.